Animal Protheses

After amputation by trauma or malignant disease, we can prepare a leg prosthesis. It is important, however, that the dog is amputated putting into consideration method of preservation. It is best we are able to inform you in advance about the possibility and means of amputation, if a prosthetic device is chosen.

The main advantage of a prosthetic aid is maintaining the mobility of the dog, coupled with a good distribution of the load on the spine and other extremities of the dog.

Hodes Animal Orthopedics offers the following prosthetics:

Forelegs prosthesis

Dog Foreleg Prosthetic

Dog Foreleg Prosthetic

The front leg prosthesis in dogs is one of the most difficult prothesis. Despite this, we had a large number of successes. During the first intake, extra attention will be paid to the length and shape of the stump. Therefore, the consultation between the doctor and the instrument maker for the amputation pre surgery is particularly important.

Hind legs prosthesis

Hind Leg Prosthetic

Hind Leg Prosthetic

Pip and his prosthetic

Pip and his prosthetic

Extension Prothesis

Extension Dog Prosthetics

Extension Dog Prosthetics


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