Hodes Animal Orthopedic Website

When we started to plan for an English website, we were going to make a translation of our Dutch website. But then I thought, this is not all about Hodes Animal Orthopedic. This is about making live easier for our pets and to be able to do things that they love  again minus the pain – the walks, the game of chase, fetch the stick….

So, instead of a standard company website, we decided on a blog. It will surely provide you the information you need to know about us, the aids that we can make. But in blog format, where we can add and link to our patients, so that you can find them as well to share their worries, the joy to see their pets being able to gain their freedom of motions again. We like to keep everything in one place for your convenience. Overtime, we will add and link information which will help veterinaries and pet owners to give your pets back its freedom of motion.

Hence this English company website + blog is formed. It is not merely a company website, it is the place we share with you, the reason we do what we do – for the love to our pets.


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