Thanks to elbow braces, Amber started a 2nd youth!

amber with elbow brace amber with elbow brace2Dear Folks,

What an especially happy week it was  for Amber and me. I could not believe my eyes! What a change! Amber has its 2nd youth.

On the 3rd day, she was already walking 45 minutes with us on the beach. I left it to her, after two days walking carefully with the new brace. Because it was obvious that if she has her brace on for a longer time, she just started walking better. Now she is taking her daily one and the half hour walk again! She trots back and occasionally even a run.

What is really striking is that she always trot in pace (probably to relieve her left bad hip, where it probably caused the whole elbow problem). Now she never walk in pace anymore. She starts sometimes but correct that immediately. That is very remarkable right? …..

It’s really a happy dog ​​again!

And all this after only one week. She also thought she could jump in the car (I could just avoid it because she was just starting to jump). She had always got in and out of the car with a shelf plank. It says a lot about how she feels! Amber is again completely “Back on the Beach!” She ran back into the water and before paddle in foot by foot. The confidence comes back. We get all positive reactions from fellow hikers. They want to know everything. Well I like to tell them, it’s great. And it really works. I hope she still have a long time staying on her feet. Because she truly enjoys it again and me too.

Best regards and thank you very much!


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