After 3rd surgery, a stifle brace as extra ongoing support (video)

Hi there,

nina with stifle braceMy golden retriever Nina has a stifle brace from you for few months already because she has had three surgeries on her knee and has a lot of osteoarthritis. Another operation would mean that she had to get a new stifle. Regardless of the severity, I have enough of stifle operations. Nina just turned 5 and has now been operated even five times (including three on her knee). That seemed enough. I decided to inquire whether a stifle brace would be good for her, because something I did not think my crippled lady was planning to stop being active. Therefore, something has to be done.

No sooner said than done, and now she has been running for a while with a brace. It is fantastic. Nina also find it great herself.

Here is a movie that she has her stifle brace. You see her playing and running.

And here she is with it after about three weeks and she went on a weekend outing with many other golden retrievers. You see her swimming and running.

Afterwards she still had some problems, but before she had the brace she could not not catch up at all.

Basically it is fantastic.
The pictures show how it was before and now! A lot more comfortable right?

Best regards
Petra van Aalst


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