Zjuul can walk again with a knee prosthesis

To begin, I will first have to introduce myself: my name is Zjuul. I’m a 6 years old Boxer, and since July 3, am happy to have a knee prosthetic.

You read it through, at first I did not like it but now I’m very happy with it.

I was still half groggy from the anaesthesia, recovering from surgery, Radboud (who operated on me and with whom I am good friendswith ) was with me in the kennel to tell me that I could go home and if I could try to stand up. Well …….. I thought, maybe not. I gave him a not too friendly look to make it clear that I preferred to not see him right this moment, and to that my owner said would help me.

It was not easy though, getting up. And then on top of that to walk with a leg that is in a brace. Anyway, after the necessary explanations by the assistant on the use of drugs and receiving explanation of Arjan about the brace we could go home.

I spent a lot of time sleeping of the  anesthesia and occasionally go outside to try to pee (which did not work). I have not done that, that evening. The next day, I would like to but urinating did not work for me. Standing on my operated leg stand was not an option, but I thought I could not lift it because of the brace. Fortunately the dog next door came with the solution at the end of the day. He urinated against a tree, and I a purebred male, obviously had pee over it.

From then on everything went a bit easier little by little , I just need to get used to it. Now I am walking with my new knee around for 8 weeks, and it’s going very well. I may not made it to the 6 kilometers that I was used to for walk daily, but I am already almost halfway. I’m sure I can enjoy walking again before too long, but without pain due to the help of Radboud and Arjan. Thanks guys!


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