Smoki can run again! (video)

smoky and carpal braceDear Arjan,

See below mail to / from THEYSE. As promised so my feedback to him and his positive response. At the bottom a link to a movie. Smoki was completely used to the brace within 3 days , the movie below is made 5 days after delivery. We decided to build it slowly but it all went smoothly. What great dogs  flatcoats are!


Thanks for the information about Smoki. He is walking very well looking at the video. We work from Utrecht, The Netherlands  with Arjan Hodes and the brace can definitely be a good tool. Ifyou have the opportunity to come to evaluate the elbow at Utrecht again next time, you are of course welcome.



Associate Professor of Orthopedic Neuro-Maxillofacial Surgery
Department Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University
The Netherlands

Dear Lars THEYSE,

Last summer we went to see you with our flatcoated Smoki with the elbow luxatie. We have finally decided against the operation. Here is a short message with the update.

To prolong the loss of function in respective leg as long as possible, we started looking for other options. Eventually we ended up with Hodes in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Smoki has a brace that relieves her leg as much as possible since two weeks. For preventive purposes of overload.

We will never know exactly what the effect of the brace but it feels good that we doing the best we can. It went well with Smoki anyway. We let her swim a lot and that has a visible effect. Now with the brace, it is going well too. She got used to it very fast and just continue with ‘her thing’. FYI a photo and a link to a movie.



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