Serayah gain her mobility again in her old age

seraja with stifle braceMy Newfoundland bitch, Serayah,  torn the cruciate ligament in her right knee 7 years ago. Surgery and rehabilitation followed, but she recovered completely in time. Now, however, as she turns 14, she torn the cruciate ligament of her left knee.

Technically, surgery is possible, there is a even better technique for large dogs. But a general anesthetic is a major risk at this age, her life expectation is also not great, and the question arises whether she will live long enough to have sufficiently recover from surgery, if she pulls through that and the rehabilitation period. The consideration now is of a different priority than that of seven years ago.

Then I got the tip to try a brace. A quick search on the Internet, a talk with an employee of the Hodes Animal Orthopedics and after consultation with veterinarians helped ​​me to decide try a brace. It happens that there was a brace that was  for Serayah’s size, there was no delivery time and she would have immediately go home with it if it worked.
And it worked! She has a brace now for two days and she can walk again. She has to find her balance the first few steps, but  now she walks like before.

Of course, as a very old lady, she can only runs at least as good as before she tore her ACL.



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