Rex is healed

rex and stifle braceHello Arjan,It is going very well with Rex. He’s really looking his way in the snow. He runs and jumps just like normal. You will notice that he has done too much with his leg when he comes out of his basket. Ineke wrote for the “post Labrador”. It will probably be placed in the February issue.

Best regards and a leg of Rex,
Roel and Ineke.

Post Labrador:

Last June was our labrador Rex ( Kejuja Black Velvet , born March 25, 2007 ) was hit by a car . His broke his knee very badly and a bone in his leg was broken. The knee ligaments were completely torn.  As Rex was then only 2 years, we wanted to try to save his right hind. We have been referred to the veterinary clinic of the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Rex was operated there. They tried to heal the leg again with 2 screws and wire. However, the following day the Xray showed that the screws were bent and that it was not good news. Two days later, he was operated again. During his anesthesia, Arjan Hodes of Hodes Animal Orthopedics had his leg measured and he made a plaster support for Rex . Meanwhile, he would make a brace for him . When we picked Rex, he looked very sad. Still half under anesthesia, we took our dog home. The cheerful young little dog was gone. After a few days, Mr. Hodes came to our home to adjust the brace. This was a miracle for Rex . He can walk very carefully again. The local veterinarian had the stitches removed from the wound. He found the knee was very thick and advised us to do earlier follow up check at the clinic Utrecht. We did this immediately and
it appeared that two screws on the inside of his knee came out. Again, Rex surgery and now there two screws and some wire was removed. This went a bit better with him and thanks to the brace, he could still always walk a little further. After two months he was allowed walk inside without a brace and after another month outside . Now we are a half years later and it’s really a wonder how he can walk again. He trots back behind the ball and is enjoying the snow very much. I felt that I still to tell this story to you. Normally his leg  would be amputated but now he runs around again on four legs.
Ineke Joorse

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