Rex gets a stifle brace for complex stifle trauma

rex and stifle brace

Rex dozing on our feet

Our enthusiastic , energetic , smart and very sweet Rex is on Monday, July 13th at approximately 10:30 suddenly while running hard and playing , crossed the road and was hit . Although he appeared uninjured, his right hind leg was hanging a bit weird.

He was diagnosed with a broken knee and luckily, he had no internal injuries. We were then redirected to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands .

He stayed there from Tuesday to Friday and had surgery twice . There was a complex trauma to his knee . Two broken bone fragments were put back with screws. On the other side of the knee, two screws with thread for stabilization of the joint were applied.  The anterior cruciate ligament was largely (70 % ) torn . The inner band of the knee was completely torn, and is attached and stabilized with wire .

The surgeons, Dr. Meij and Drs.Wouters have contacted orthopedic Arjan Hodes .

Dr.  Meij first work with Arjan Hodes to construct a kind of protective structure so that the operated knee joint completely relieved.

Medically effective but burdensome for Rex . Immediately after surgery, Arjan Hodes also made a plaster cast ​​a knee brace very quickly. The Tuesday after the weekend, he is able to come home with us.

After the brace was worn, Rex immediately jumped up and walked on three legs around the room. He put the operated leg gently to the ground occasionally.

During the first follow up visit, Dr. Meij was pleasantly surprised by how Rex walked with the brace, with weight carefully put on the leg and knee.

Rex is still happy , cheerful , energetic and active . Unfortunately for him, he must now have six weeks strict rest. He is ,as much as possible, in a makeshift bench or near our feet. It takes a lot of effort to keep him from walking around. He even performs a lift during urination and standing on his  bad leg and tilting his good leg. I now have to maneuver him in such as way that he can no longer do that. He is still inclined to jump. I walk him despite his disability , but thanks to the knee brace and he must be constantly slowed down to not tax his knee is not too much. He has knee brace now for more than three weeks and does not hinders him in his movements , but does prevent the knee from being laterally loaded.

On 13 August, Rex had the third time surgery to remove stabilisation screws and wire. They were expelled by the body from the bone and caused a large swelling on the inside of the knee . They also did not have a added value function anymore. After removing this, he seems to run better again and able to carry more weight on his knee.

If all goes well , he will have to rehabilitate using his muscles hydrotherapy. We have already found a place i.n Eemnes.

We hope that everything within the limits of the possibilities, after such a severe trauma to the knee , that all will be good again for Rex . In our view , the knee brace worked well during the healing period and a comfort for Rex to date.

Roel and Ineke Joorse

Part 2


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