Prosthesis for Vigo

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I had written about the problems with Vigo’s leg. In summary, last December, he started limping, and the problem appeared to be his knee. First  we thought it may be a bone tumor, but luckily it was not. Finally the diagnosis was that it was a rather rare Leishmaniasis infection, which cause abnormal bone growth.

In recent months we experiement around with all kinds of painkillers that exist, but all in all it only gets a lot worse. He does not runs anymore. This morning they made an Xray and it seems to me that the problem have only become bigger.

The chances are very high that no alternatives exist and that amputation is the only sensible options that remains. Then he will not have anymore trouble … sad but true.

Now I found something on the internet about hind leg prostheses (Hodes Animal Orthopedics). Is there anyone who has experience with it? I have no idea if that is an option for Vigo anyway, but am nevertheless been curious.
The problem is his knee, we do not know yet whether it can be only to amputation of the lower leg or that there is a part of the upper leg is affected. I can also imagine the possibilities for prostheses there is limited.

At the moment, he is doing be pretty well on three legs, but you notice that he’s less active and mobile, so I do find it a useful option to explore.


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