Kelpie Sverre stabilized after broken neck vertebrae

Dear Arjan,

It is going very well with Sverre, there is absolutely no problems with the collar.
He can now eat very well and has become very handy with the limitations he with the mobilisation.

There is totally no irritation or blemish spots, we do not need to have the additional confirmations as it is fine so far.

On December 1, I have go take Sverre for a checkup. I hope he gets a little more freedom as the collar is then six weeks on and he spent six weeks in the bench.

I’ll let you know the results.



Hi Arjan,

kelpie with cervical brace (neck brace)Photo of Sverre on your website looks good – there should be more publicity for your company regarding the aids for dogs. I will certainly promote for you.
The orthopedic surgeon also found a nice piece of work.

Sverre has no problem, only when sleeping.  Mister now has a pillow under his head.
He must remain six weeks in the bench, which is difficult for a dog of 9 months old.
It is for the healing and that is most important. To date, I am very positive about the progress. After December 1, we will know if the vertebrae have grown again.

I tried to save the photo on your website but it does not work.
You would possibly want this for mail in my archive?

Have a nice weekend!

Greeting Els


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