Brace for Nika

A while ago I posted a message to ask if anyone has ever had experience or with a brace for a dog. Nika has a tendon in her leg that no longer works and thus her leg is overextended when it bends.

I’ve found a website with an orthopedic company that also makes them for dogs. I’ve been there and Nika had a brace fitted. What a great service we had there. If ever someone needed something like a brace or prosthesis,  then they should definitely go to this company. They’re so nice and really interested in your dog. They are thrilled to make something that makes a difference.

The brace is made ​​immediately. We had to wait a while 4 hours, but we are took a tour around Arnhem’s nature. It makes a difference than to make another trip of 1.5 hours back to Arnhem. Where do you find a company where they take immediate action. It is also fine for Nika because it has the brace immediately and not a week later.

Nika is now on her way to passable walk and has become much happier.


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