Pepper likes to wear his brace the whole day!

Dear Arjan,

Here is a report of our Scottish Sheepdog, Pepper. We found you on referral of Dr. Govers of the veterinary Wagenrenk in Wageningen, The Netherlands . A brace was measured and after some adjustments the fit was good. We put on the brace in the morning and is only taken off late at night, after the last evening round. It did not take long before she gives signs that she would prefer to have the brace on all day. At the beginning, we only put it on when we took walks and then took the brace off again after the walk. But no, Pepper likes have it on the whole day. With is good of course.

She walks and very well with it as if she did not feel she has a brace. She moves very natural with it. From a walk of maximum 10 minutes, we can now walk for about half an hour. It is not possible to walk any longer.  She is again very playful and is significantly happier than before. For the time being,  she need to continue to use Metacam (strongly advised by veterinary), but does not need the extra pain medication anymore.

Pepper and his carpal brace

Pepper and his carpal brace


We are very pleased that we have been able to make use of the possibility that you and Hodes, provides to dogs like Pepper. Where Pepper used to be painful, crippled and twisting her leg in a manner that she walked on the side of her paws, she now walks almost straight and has significantly less pain. There is some difference from one day to the another, with some bad days in between, but overall  she is much better. Thanks to the brace, Pepper can continue to move well, we hope that further develop of the arthritis in wrist and toes will be slowed down. Pepper will not give up!

Again, many thanks!

Norbert, Yvonne and Pepper


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