Dogs owners looking for braces together

Hi Arjan,

Now with this snowfall, it will be very difficult, but we will keep trying. Amber certainly cannot do without, that’s the first thing we thought about yesterday.

It is goings so well with her, that is unbelievable. It is just like it is another dog. She always walked around our dogs around, anyway anxious. Last time she came closer. She really has her confidence back. Together with her boss we enjoy walking. It is great to see her plays with other dogs – she challenges, they run – it is a happy dog.
Just like the owner of Amber said, actually Arjan should see this. Amber and Oscar, running together. I will try to make a few nice pictures of these two. With this we want to wish you all nice holidays and your team and 2011 a prosperous and healthy year for all the good work for our four legged.

Best regards,
Marianne and Frits van Buijsen and a leg and slobbery Oscar 🙂

Read about Oscar’s at the beginning and the follow up post few months later.

oscar braces hondenstrand228-07-103


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