St. Bernard ‘Oscar’ enjoying a walk again

Dear Arjan,

Only at 17 months old, Oscar began to limp increasingly, sometimes sink to his feet. After extensive X-ray examination, it showed that he have osteoarthritis in both elbows . Surgery is difficult for a dog his weight, especially since both elbows are affected. Long recovery, pain and always a sequel of pain and limping. The alternative was to euthanasia. Luckily we discovered the site of Hodes, made an appointment quickly. There was still hope.

Wednesday 28 July, the braces that keep his elbows in place and provide substantial support were ready. In the afternoon Oscar was walking as if nothing has ever happened. In October, he is going along with our other St. Bernard to Switzerland. Who would have thought?

Arjan, you’re doing a great job, thanks!


Frits, Marianne and Oscar

Read about Oscar a few months later.

And Oscar much Ocsar’s progress later.

Oscar with elbow brace at dog beach oscar braces hondenstrand28-07-108 oscar braces hondenstrand28-07-1010 oscar hodes braces27-07-101 oscarbraceshondenstrand28-07-101


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