Nordi comes asking for his brace

nordi tarsal braceHi Arjan,

We are already a few weeks further and I can only say that it is going great with Nordi! I enjoy it when I see that guy again hopping along nicely on his brace. He seems happy with it, because believe it or not, he comes to ASK for it in the morning when he comes out from his bench. It’s been a habit: on the table, put the brace on and enjoy walking along. If I “forget” the he stands with his head against my legs and rubs against it as it saying: come on lady, you forget something!

That pressure spot has healed, so that problem is solved. So you will not see us anymore!! I still have to show the brace in Wilhelminaoord and the vets here in Coevorden are curious.

If you also have a beautiful black pirate eye patch for Nordi, he is totally a pirate with a “wooden leg”! … 😉

Greetings and good luck with the rest of your patients.

Debbie Brussaard
new Schoonebeek

Read about Nordi when he just started wearing his brace.


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