Dog brace

People who have difficulty with making new contacts, I can recommend a dog – with – brace . Really Everyone really felt that they need to mentioned that they notice something. From: “Has your dog been skiing ? ” (Yes , very funny ) to “Look Johnny , that lady mistreats her dog ” (not nice, a reason to go hit the person ) .

And I again always politely murmured that my dog has osteoarthritis and therefore wore a brace . You’ll get constant understanding with other dog owners into conversation.

“How can an animal bring you to such an embarrassing situation?, ” complained my neighbor who has a way to wild Labrador.
“I walk somewhere around Laren, and I bumped into a very chic lady in a Chanel suit. Well my dog ​​is drooling a lot and at the moment I saw that he has produced a bucket of drool this time, we are near the Chanel suit. I still think : No, oh no , but it was: Yeeah… the whole blob drool on the lady . ”
” What did you say? ”
“I would reimburse the cleaners but she had a very important meeting to attend. At that moment I would also prefer to strangle the dog.”

“Ah , but that’s nothing , ” I said consolingly, ” I was walking with my dog ​​in the market, and there is a delightful child in a buggy, proudly brandishing a raisin bun in her hand . Tuti, my dog ​​, obviously thought the bun was for her and took a bite. Child screamed, dog confused. I’ve never been to the market with the beast anymore, what a trauma.”

I had not told the story that I was at a party the father of that child later. The child was now a teenager of 14 .
“Do you remember that your dog  ate bun of our daughter? ” He asked innocently he ripped open a trauma .
“You bet, ” I said, ” I ‘ve never been with my dog to the market anymore. My biggest fear was that if that baby now has  a lifelong fear for dogs ” .
“No, ” said the father, ” I don’t think so. She gets along very well with dogs. I am surprised you still remembers that.”

Pfff .

The wild labrador has now discovered my eleven year old Tuti as playmate . They danced with each other, and just when I thought : if Tuti gave the dog a blow with her brace, that would be funny, but it appeared that I did not tighten the brace enough and she limped with her aid backwards . They are probably not happy in  Hodes Animals Orthopedics, that’s not the way they teach me .

“That story about the raisins bun is after all not so painful  ” asked the neighbor .
“Then I have another one for you. I’m talking to a fairly distinguished gentleman in a long raincoat.  While attentively listening to him, out of the corner of my eye I saw Tuti lifted her leg and quietly pee against the jacket of the gentleman . ”
” And, what did you say ? ”
” No, I’m a coward, what was I supposed to say ? ”
“It’s not my dog ​​”
” Haha, that will not work , she was on the line. ”

Wonderful relationship forming agent, such brace.

This article is written by a Dutch women who had her own talk show and this is her own online column.

Read about Catherine deciding to get a brace for Tuti


Tuti passed away on in October 2012 at the age of 13 and much missed by Catherine.


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