Animal day: Do people change in their life?

Fifteen years ago I hate it when it was that stupid Animal Day. I have to again make a topic for the afternoon TV about dogs or kittens from the shelter. I hated it. I had nothing to do with animals. We are further fifteen years now and my dog Tuti has osteoarthritis. The toes of her front leg was growing in the wrong direction. Never knew that dogs had also suffered from it. Because she is standing wrongly on her leg, one of its footpads became more and more damaged and she was fully loaded with antibiotics . This cannot continue like this .

According to my friends , she must have a specially made shoe. I discussed this with my boyfriend, a South African. ” What do you think , should we make this shoe ? ” He looked at me and said, “What answer do you expect from someone who comes from a country where most people do not even have shoes? ”

Well , there you have again the difference between the first and the third world countries. After that Tuti  got antibiotic treatment for the fourth time and she began to look more like a walking biochemical-bomb. So let’s give the shoe a try?

Apparently, there is only one place where they make stuff like that. At Hodes  Animal Orthopedics in Arnhem, The Netherlands. It could not be any crazier. Must I now squeeze an hour to wormed around the traffic to get there for advice? We arrive at a sleek looking building . We immediately got coffee and that was necessary, because we heard what the shoe would costs.

But they also told us about the results . They treat not only dogs there , but also cats and horses . Racehorses that cost a million get a brace and they come from all over the world to Arnhem to treat their animals. My African boyfriend was stunned. We saw a brace you for a chihuahua. About four inches long . We saw how a plaster imprint of Tuti ‘s paw made.

How the animal nestles comfortably on the ground and let the orthopedist did what he needed to do. I got the strong impression that Tuti got better treatment than some people in hospitals . Who would have told me this story fifteen years ago , I had declared him insane . Apparently a person can still make big changes in his life .

This article is written by a Dutch women who had her own talk show and this is her own online column.


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