Nordi gets her tarsal brace

Nordi got his brace today . He thinks it is a very strange thing , so we just put it on and took it off quickly again. We have to practice at home.

At home, the two men was  fitted with their supportive and these pictures were taken:

nordi and tarsal brace nordi and tarsal brace

A lot of time has passed since the the ligament is completely torn  and  getting the brace. Nordi has learned to run on three legs and if he is quietly he puts his injured leg completely flat to the ground . So he walks on his hock! He has learned to urinate the other way (tilting his injured leg ) and is also now much more practiced in laying down and getting up again. In other words, he has properly adapted to his disability.

The advice was  to put on the brace a few times a day for 10 minutes so that the dog could get used to it. Then wearing the brace is not a punishment . Unfortunately, with Nordi, it worked a bit different. If I put on the brace and then did nothing fun, he just stood still or even lie down. That would not work. Thus , I am taking him for a walk again. Brace on and off we go.  And then it happen exactly as I have hoped – he hobble along happily! ! If he starts to run, he lifts the brace or he “step skip hop”, so skipping on one leg , but if he walks somewhere to sniff and pee , he use the brace just fine! He has to learn to lift the injured leg now and he just stands on the brace just like before to pee 😉 ) ) ) ) He even stand on his hind legs again and can also jump on the couch again with the brace. He also use it through the tall grass , in the mud , snow – no problem. Once back home, the brace is taken off, but after 2 weeks Nordi runs all day with the brace . After a few weeks, Nordi himself WANT brace! In the morning he will be ready for it immediately and runs all day and he does everything in his brace . In the evening when he goes into his crate for the night , the brace off .


Nordi updates later.


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