Dutch Cancer Fund for Animal introduces lower leg prosthesis with Hodes

The quality of life of dogs with a missing leg can be considerably improved from now onwards with the introduction of the lower leg prosthesis. Dutch Cancer Fund for Animals (NKFD) has done extensive research into the possibilities of lower leg prostheses. These prostheses are already fully deployed in countries like Canada and the United States. Now this is also possible in the Netherlands.

The results of the study NKFD were so encouraging that the various NKFD has negotiated to achieve production of lower leg prostheses in the Netherlands. Eventually, they have expressed their confidence in a joint venture with the Hodes Group, a leading provider of orthopedic devices. The Hodes Group has extensive experience in the manufacture of human aids and, thanks to the NKFD, decided to start with Hodes Animal Orthopedics. They have now opened the first orthopedic practice for animals.

Modification of amputation technique necessary

The decision to put a lower leg prosthesis must be taken before the amputation occurs. The amputation technique is substantially different from an ordinary amputation. The placement of a prosthesis is only possible, if the operation is carried out according to prosthesis norm. This is why an already amputated leg is unfortunately not eligible for a prosthesis. A reversal operation is sometimes still possible.


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